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GOOCHDESIGNSTUDIO LLC was established in 2001 as a multidisciplinary interior design firm with an emphasis on the renovation and restoration of hotels, public spaces and private residences. Recognizing that we are only as good as our weakest link, we continuously endeavor to work with the best craftsmen, workrooms, manufacturers and contractors available.

Our studio embraces a time-honored, academic approach to design. We begin with a studied and collaborative process, incorporating client expectations with our breadth of experience, and continue with an informed layering of architecture, finishes, furniture, textiles and art. Understanding the architectural requirements of a space is the foundation of our practice - and we take seriously the balance between sound architectural detailing and thoughtful interior design. In order to create a synthesis between the architecture and the interior, we embrace the opportunity to use decoration as a complimentary means of providing architectural solutions.

Whether planning a resort, renovating a building entry lobby or corridor, or revamping a powder room, our approach is consistent: research, historic precedent, clearly developed concepts and meticulous attention to detail guides our methodology. Balancing style between the historic and the current, we are aware of our place in a continuum of design thought and are honored to contribute to it.

GDS is modeled on a corporate architectural office, with teams of 2 to 4 designers working to complete each project. Our studio has grown steadily over its existence and our diverse staff includes full-time academically trained architects and interior designers. We work with an extensive network of consultants to assist in permit and mechanical coordination, lighting design, art programs, custom furniture and graphic design. We are committed to maintaining a strong, vibrant interior design practice and are continually re-investing in our studio.

Design is our passion and we view each new project as an opportunity that is enthusiastically embraced. Rather than bringing preconceived notions to the design table, we strive to integrate each client's specific requirements into a solution that is uniquely theirs. Understanding the importance of listening closely to the needs, ideas, and ambitions of our clients, we rely on their continued participation throughout the design process.